Rate Hikes

In recent months Kildare County Council has decided to hike the rates of all business' in County Kildare for no apparent reason. When asked to justify the rate hike nobody has the answer.
Kildare companies are suffering enough with the cost of high rents due to Kildare being a boundary county to Dublin. 

This page is set up to bring all companies together in county Kildare and stand up the the council on their extortionate rate demands.
Co Kildare is being targeted with a rate increase which is targeted at bringing us closer to the same rate bill as Dublin. Smaller towns such as Rathangan, Allenwood and other small rural towns are being targeted with the same rate bill as Naas & Newbridge.

This has to stop. 
Sign the Petition and fill in the rate increase calculator so we can see how many companies have recieved a rate increase in county Kildare.

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